How to Write an Executive Summary in an MLA Format

an executive summary summarizes a more comprehensive report or proposal, according to the Campus Writers Center at Colorado State University. The longest document should be a report on a completed inquiry or an investigation or business proposal, for example. The MLA, or Modern Language Association, is one of the most accepted formats for writing such professional papers. An executive summary should not be longer than 10% of the original document. This means that the abstract must be one page for every 10 pages of the original document.

Explain briefly the problem you are trying to solve, if you write an executive summary about a project that you want to complete. Next, emphasize the solution you are proposing. Describe what you have (eg software) or what you are able to do to solve the problem. If you’re working with investors or recognized companies, mention them at the beginning to get the reader’s attention quickly.

If you write a summary for a research you have completed, provide a concise statement of the findings of your research after explaining the problem and the purpose of your research.

When you write, place only one space after each point and apart and one indent on the first line of the first half-inch paragraph from the left margin, according to the MLA style:

List the ways in which your project has the potential to improve the quality of life of beneficiaries, if your summary is a proposal. Also write about the competitive advantage you have over other individuals or companies in just one or two sentences. Use these sentences to explain your unique benefits and benefits, as well as the limitations you might have.

Describe how your project will work, if your abstract is for a proposal. Write about how to measure the success of your project (whether financially, by customer reviews or otherwise, for example) and what the goals are in a timeline. Explain why members of your project are respectable and how they will contribute, and how much money you need to complete the project, if applicable.

If your summary is for a completed investigation, describe what procedures you used to reach the findings. When writing references to works within your abstract, write in cursive letters or underline the title of these works.

Write a specific recommendation to take action to improve a particular situation, if your summary is about a completed investigation. Such actions may include increases in product prices in a business to help increase profit, for example. It then justifies the proposed action by analyzing how this type of action has worked in verifiable situations.

Read your executive summary for any pronunciation, punctuation or grammar errors. Give the summary a double space, according to the guidelines of the MLA. Make sure the document in the word processor has a margin in the 1-inch pages and keep the font in Times New Roman size 12. It also creates a header that lists your pages consecutively in the upper right corner , Half inch (1.27 cm) from the top edge and aligned with the right margin.

If you notice any error in your abstract after printing it, it will attack the error with black or blue ink and note the correction over it.

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