Essay on women rights

  1. Introduction

In the following research, the topic of “women’s rights” will be discussed, which is a very new topic, because in this famous revolution that has taken place in our country, a great advance has been made with regard to human rights and Which do not leave excluded women’s rights which were not previously taken into account in our old legislation, with this investigation we want to make known this new law which not only protects the woman but also the family which this law Serves dual protection function, both for women and the family.

  1. Problem approach

It will try to explain everything that the law on violence against women and the family involves in a general way so that people know the importance of the knowledge of “The Law on violence against women and the family “That by its latest validity is of ignorance to the citizens; Or that if it is known of this hardly can only come to believe that it is a feminist law that only protects these and not what in fact encompasses the norm as such “Integral protection of the family”

The idea of ​​conducting this research appears to be the great problem that exists in Venezuela about family violence that is a monster that does not discriminate neither race nor religion, nor “Sex”, nor social or economic position; So it can be noticed the great barbarities and cases of acts of violence that remain unpunished by the punishment of the law because they are simply reported to the nearest police headquarters those who do nothing to avoid such an outrage.
In this way I think of Why not show that woman, boy or man abused a law that protects them? Or, why not show our classmate “future law professionals” all the doctrine that surrounds this law? From these questions we proceeded to carry out our work on the importance of the knowledge of the law against violence of the woman and the family, of course! Giving this information in a very basic way due to some of our main delimitations time.

General objective

The goal is that all people know the law of violence against women and the family, so that they know what mechanisms to go, when they feel outraged about some of the rights that this rule contemplates or also ¿ Why not? That it serves as information for future professionals of the law in the case that a client is presented who has been a victim of such problems.

Specific objectives

In order to avoid ignorance of this law, the following objectives will be assigned to help achieve our goal: “Importance of knowledge of the law on violence against women and the family”:
In the first place will be the delivery of leaflets that indicate that it is this law and what are the mechanisms to which we must go, as well as a second leaflet that indicates the day that will be our defense of the work in order for those interested Come and thus collect all the knowledge that we want to provide.

Secondly we will make use of the billboards of information of the USM exposing in this information referring to this law.

We will also take advantage of the technology by publishing our work online.

Methodological framework

The exploratory methodology was used because it was a novel subject in which we had to look at the few written materials made up to the moments as well as the use of the inductive method since we were going from a doctrine of a group of individuals (creators of this law in Venezuela) to the doctrine in general that is enshrined for all cases of this and all countries that have such a standard.